Wednesday, 6 February 2008

John Smith MP claims that Defence Academy is on the Curriculum

Is John Smith pic with pupils from a N power event? Defence academy on curriculum?
Young scientists and their MP enjoy
ic Wales, United Kingdom - 28 Jan 2008
PUPILS who enjoyed a practical science and MP, John Smith. He

Mr Smith said: “Young people learned more from scientists and engineers about

I told you yesterday that many parents will be horrified to read that young pupils at Llanwit Major Comprehensive school were doing course work on the benefits of the defence academy. Are the children being told about the arms companies behind this project? Are they being told about Raytheon’s association with cluster bombs or Sercos links to nuclear weapons? Are they aware of the PCS unions opposition to the privatising of military training? The school has not approached the campaign against St Athan Military Academy for information. The children in the photograph didn’t have the permission of their parents according to Mrs Thomas, deputy head, to appear in this misleading propaganda advertisement where they are pictured showing their work to John Smith who said "I am pleased that the benefits of the Defence academy provided St Athan are being studied in our schools" Deputy Head Mrs Thomas said “the training has nothing to do with politics, this is a Welsh Assembly Government careers education programme provided by Npower.” She went on to say that questions should be put to John Smith MP.

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