Monday, 18 February 2008

Elfyn Llwyd MP

Elfyn Llwyd MP for Meirionnydd Nant Conwy 21st Jan 2008

“As your letter implies the decision was one made by the Westminster Government.

Plaid Cymru recently debated St Athan in the context of its Defence Policy at National Council. After a very interesting and detailed debate it was decided that this would be a constituent of a conventional defence policy.

My personal view is that, although Plaid is not a pacifist party many Plaid members hold that view. I am not a pacifist as such and believe that Wales should play its full part in defending as opposed to conducting any aggressive military policy. …

You will know that we ahve established a strong reputation in the House of Commons in defending human rights and we have consistantly voted agaisnt Afghanistan and Iraq from the very beginning.

The motion that was passed at National council also calls on the Wales Assembly Government not to involve itself in arms sales.”

Contact Elfyn at his Constituency

Sheila Williams
Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales
Ty Glyndwr
Heol Glyndwr
LL40 1BD
phone 01341 422661
fax 01341 423990


Elfyn Llwyd MP
House of Commons
phone 020 7219 3000

Surgery Details

Friday evenings, Saturday mornings monthly at:
Balenau Ffestiniog, Bala, Tywyn, Harlech, Bramouth and Llanrwst.

Weekly surgeries are held in Dolgellau.

For further information please contact Sheila Williams on 01341 422661.

National Council:

  • notes the attached position paper on defence
  • notes that the decision to establish a DTA at St Athan was the decision of the UK government alone
  • notes that many party members for religious and moral reasons are campaigning against the development
  • reiterates Plaid Cymrus opposition to privatisation, including that of military training

National Council further:

· supports the economic development programme of the One Wales government which will ensure the creation and retention of employment “firmly guided by sustainability principles, encouraging long term, high quality jobs” in all parts of Wales

· calls on the One Wales Government to remain committed to the stautory requirement in the Government of Wales Acts to promote sustainable development

· emphasises the need for the Assembly to be kept fully informed of all developments relating to the Defence Training Academy and to be consulted on all future decisions relating to the project

· notes that there is no direct spending by the NAG on the Defence Training Academy but asks that any ancillary spending by the Welsh government is made public

· calls for more detailed information about the kind of jobs that would be offered to local people and the planned wage levels

· calls on the One Wales Government to seek assurances that the companies involved in the Metrix consortium are not engaged in the illegal trade of unethical arms and to make that information public

· calls on the One Wales Government to request a guarantee from the British Government that no training will be offered to countries which are undemocratic or guilty of human rights abuses

· reiterates our opposition to the Iraq war and notes our concern regarding sending soldiers without them having the appropriate equipment.

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