Tuesday, 5 February 2008

John Smith MP 4 page advertisement gaff & using children to mislead the public

John Smith should resign for misuse of parliamentary communications allowance and using school children, apparently without their parent’s permission, to mislead the public.

How horrifying is it to suggest that Defence academy is on the school curriculum!

?...On the 31st Jan when headlines where telling us that part, at least a third of a huge £15bn defence training academy ear-marked for St. Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan was being ditched John Smith MP was looking foolish publishing 4 whole pages in the Glamorgan Gem singing the praises of the academy and himself. He said in large print!! "the door remains firmly open for the whole training programme to be delivered at St Athan - using taxpayers money - his parliamentary communications allowance"

CAMPAIGNERS have condemned the Assembly Government for backing a huge military training project, despite the involvement of weapons companies such as Raytheon associated with cluster bombs.

Many parents will be horrified to read that young pupils at Llanwit Major Comprehensive school were doing course work on the benefits of the defence academy. Are the children being told about the arms companies behind this project? Are they being told about Raytheon’s association with cluster bombs or Sercos links to nuclear weapons? Are they aware of the PCS unions opposition to the privatising of military training? The school has not approached the campaign against St Athan Military Academy for information. The children in the photograph didn’t have the permission of their parents according to Mrs Thomas, deputy head, to appear in this misleading propaganda advertisement where they are pictured showing their work to John Smith or who said "I am pleased that the benefits of the Defence academy provided St Athan are being studied in our schools" Deputy Head Mrs Thomas said “the training has nothing to do with politics, this is a Welsh Assembly Government careers education programme provided by Npower.” She went on to say that questions should be put to John Smith MP.

John Smiths 4 page spread is full of misleading and downright false information. The news that package 2 of the St Athan Military Training Academy was dumped has been on the cards since October 2007. Another wheel has come off this trundling white elephant. John Smith MP should resign for brainwashing and using children to promote himself, war and military training. How many more wheels will have to be lost before John Smith MP stops misleading the public, realise that the whole project is a terrible mistake, and is not going anywhere. I have today complained to the advertising standards agency.

Note - For the whole 4 page spread email me and I will attach it asp.

Plans for £15bn St Athan academy are hit
ic Wales, United Kingdom - 31 Jan 2008
PART of a huge £15bn defence training academy ear-marked for St. Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan is being ditched The two-part project would have seen all UK defence training centralised in south Wales. But the second part of the scheme, dealing with ...

Part of St Athan defence training centre is dropped
ic Wales, United Kingdom - 31 Jan 2008
PART of a huge £15bn defence training academy earmarked for St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan is being ditched, the Ministry of Defence said yesterday.

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