Thursday, 14 February 2008

Cathy Owen from Amnesty International on St Athan Military Academy

Amnesty shame..I rang amnesty international here this morning and spoke to Cathy Owens who says they are a democratic org with a membership base. They don't have a position on St Athan voted by members. She can't campaign against privatisation or militarisation - or whether armed forces should or should not be trained in Wales. Amnesty doesn't oppose armed conflict as they support peace keepers being well armed and well trained. Is there a human rights issue involved? The St Athan campaign is not a core human rights issue. Amnesty has different priorites!

I am surprised at the negative attitude to one of the biggest issues in Wales involving international coporations involving arms dealers and private military contractors in Iraq. I hope mmembers will put forward a motion on this to the AGM.

Are there political considerations at work here? Is Cathy Owens too close to new labour and R Morgan Labour First minister of Wales?

However...Cathy Owens is a former lobbyist was described as Rhodri Morgan's answer to Alastair Campbell - Yes..Rhodris own spin doctor. Cathy Owens, who joined Amnesty International after a tempestuous three years during which relations between the Assembly Government and some elements of the media reached an all-time low. At one point the Assembly Government apologised to the civil service union Prospect over Ms Owens's allegedly hectoring manner towards some of its members. Previously she worked as a public affairs consultant in Wales, yes? PPS. Some quotes from Cathy -"It's for elected politicians to agree the way forward for public policy in Wales. We are talking about a situation where English speakers have rights too. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas but no one voted for the Language Board either." "All journalists are bastards" a mistaken call to Martin Shipton's voice mail. Yes, that's right, only the chief reporter of the Western Mail!

Israel: Winograd Commission disregards Israeli war crimes
... In addition, the launching of hundreds of thousands of cluster bombs, containing an estimated four million cluster sub-munitions (bomblets), ...31 January 2008
Counter Terror with Justice

The so-called “war on terror” has led to an erosion of a whole host of human rights. States are resorting to practices which have long been prohibited by international law, and have sought to justify them in the name of national security.

Take action to end illegal US detentions!

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