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WAG ministerial steering group on DTA ST ATHAN

Ministerial Steering Group on the Defence Training Academy project at St Athan

Draft Terms of Reference

1. The membership of the group is:

Minister for Enterprise, Innovation & Networks (Chair)
Minister for Education and Life-long Learning.
Minister for Finance, Local Government and Public Services
(Other Ministers with an interest in any of the agenda items for a meeting of the Steering Group will be invited to attend as appropriate.)
2. The Group’s terms of reference are to:
• lead, monitor and oversee the Assembly Government’s commitments to the MoD and Metrix Consortium to ensure the successful delivery of the Defence Training Academy (DTA) proposals at St Athan in accordance with Metrix’s project timetable;
• coordinate a collective effort across all levels of Government through identifying and ensuring coherence on all policy priority and operational issues that contribute to the realisation of the DTA project;
• facilitate the effective engagement of private and public sector partners on the realisation of the DTA vision for St Athan;
• ensure that the resource allocation process, both financial and staff, reflects the need for cross-portfolio budgeting to meet agreed priorities as set out in the Project Implementation Plan, when known, and that these priorities are tracked against delivery;
3. The Group shall keep its role under review, and shall evaluate its work and the need for its continued existence two years.
4. The Group will meet quarterly, in private unless it resolves otherwise. It will report to the full Cabinet from time to time. It may involve individuals and organisations from outside the Assembly to contribute to its work as appropriate.
5. The Secretariat for the Group will be provided by the Integrated Delivery Team in DEIN. The work of the Group will be supported by the well established St Athan Steering Group of senior officials. This will be expanded to include senior officials from DELLS and Local Government & Finance.

Welsh Assembly Government | Disclosure log 1678
Q: How much WAG/DEIN staff time and at what cost has been dedicated to promoting the development of the St Athan site as a major centre of excellence in the ...

R Morgan

The Ministerial Steering Group I have established and chaired by the Deputy First Minister will ensure a joined up Team Wales approach to delivery of this project. It will meet in November to review progress.
Information Further to Ministerial Answers
Information further to OAQ(3)0092(FM) issued by Brian Gibbons, the Minister for
Social Justice and Local Government, in July 2007
To Andrew R.T. Davies:

....improvements required as a direct result of the proposed developments at St Athan which the
Assembly Government is considering taking forward, namely:
• New Northern access to the St Athan site from the B4265, including consequential
improvements to access around the site;
• Improvements to B4265 at Gilestone Old Mill;
• Improvements to B4265 at the crossroads into St Athan village;
• Waycock Cross junction improvements.

Vale of Glamorgan - SEWEF Construction Skills SEWEF are also in touch with WAG (DEIN) officials regarding the potential afforded by the proposal for a Defence Training College at St. Athan. ...

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    Council through its working relationship with DEIN, as no details were directly ..... St Athan and planned direct access to the M4 its success can only now ...

  2. [PDF] Preferred Strategy: Regulation 15 Statement of Consultation
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    included in the DEIN Property Strategy and therefore direct .... within the plan area (e.g. St Athan, M4 Junction 33. Culverhouse Cross); ...
  3. [PDF] Bridgend Regeneration Strategy
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    Department of Enterprise, Innovation & Networks (DEIN), commissioned SQW Consulting .... to also look outwards e.g. around the impact of St.Athan ...

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