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get planning permission and highway improvements for redevelopment of RAF St Athan|countryGB

From: Cotton, Peter (DEIN)
Sent: 22 September 2006 15:00
Cc: Perren, Jeff (DE & T)
Subject: FW: ST Athan Highway Works - Invitation to Tender

Attachments: Contact Data - St Athan Highways.doc

You are invited to tender an offer for a commission by WAG to undertake the services described below. The commission is the development of an existing commission which has progressed to the financial limits of its current contractual arrangements (£50k) so a tender is being sought from consultants contracted by the framework agreement inherited from the former WDA. You are not obliged to tender and a decision by you not to do so will certainly not prejudice your position for further WAG commissions. Please note that if you do decide to tender it must be delivered to the address described below in the envelopes described below before noon on 11th October 2006 . I shall be unavailable for assistance before that date, so the envelopes will be provided by Mr Jeff Perren, tel 01443 845800, email Please contact him to inform him of the address to which you require the envelopes to be sent. and to make any other enquiries you may have about the details of the commission.

The conditions of contract for the commission will be as described in the core clauses and the clauses of Options A, X2, X9, X11.1, Y(UK)1 and Y(UK)2 of the second edition, June 1998, of ‘The Professional Services Contract’ published for the Institution of Civil Engineers.


The Assembly owns most of the several hundred acres of the former RAF St Athan Airfield, which remains operationally active. The present occupancy of the Assembly's site by the Ministry of Defence (primarily the RAF and DARA [Defence Aviation Repair Agency]) is progressively reducing , but a few other occupancies are continuing. The Army is the most significant neighbouring occupier of the remainder of the former airfield.

Redevelopment of much of the Assembly's site is the basis of a bid by a consortium, Metrix, for two very substantial contracts that are scheduled to be awarded by the MoD for very extensive and comprehensive training of military personnel. The award of the MoD's contracts form a key stage in the MoD's revue of the UK's defence related training (DTR).

The Assembly intends to develop the remainder of the airfield as an Aerospace Park i.e. a business park for aviation-related employment.

To-date, regular and frequent meetings have been held with the local highway and planning authorities representatives and an assessment of anticipated traffic movements has informed a development brief for the proposals which has been adopted by the local planning authority. The development brief shows that the prime access to the DRY development and /or the Aerospace Park will be achieved by the construction of a road linking the site to the eastern-end of the Llantwit Major Bypass, north of Boverton, but also linking to Cowbridge Road north of St Athan. The latter link is necessary to replace a highway-link/bus route which currently passes through the north of the airfield. Further off-site highway-improvements are required to mitigate the effects of the development, viz. the improvement of highway geometry of the B4265 at the St Athan war-memorial and at Gileston Old Mill, approximately 1 km east of St Athan, plus capacity improvements at the A4226 Waycock Cross Roundabout. An environmental assessment of the preferred route of the prime access was undertaken by White Young Green, together with the relevant environmental surveys required to prepare an Environmental Station which gives due consideration to the sensitive issues along the route. The EA continues to be refined as the design of the route is also being refined, in particular at its eastern extremity where options continue to be assessed. A full topographical aerial-survey was completed and a ground model developed, enabling the highway alignment to be accurately designed. A preliminary ground investigation was also carried out along the preferred route, enabling the engineering properties of the ground to be determined.

The design development of the route has included discussions with many interested parties to address their concerns with appropriate consideration of the scheme’s objectives:

The current approved design drawings, calculations and other relevant criteria are available electronically from Alan Davies of Capita [email]. All tenderers must make themselves familiar with the these documents and, if awarded the commission, must accept them as the basis of their further refinement and development of the proposals.

The development brief is available on the local planning authority's website



To provide sufficient information to achieve planning permission and contractual contracts for the construction and adoption of the prime access and related highway improvements for the redevelopment of RAF St Athan in accord with the development brief adopted by the local planning authority.


(i) WAG wishes to complete an integrated team to develop and finalise the design of the scheme’s components in sufficient detail to draft the necessary compulsory-purchase order(s) and achieve a planning application by early January 2007.

(ii) The granting of a suitable and acceptable planning permission for the northern access road to/from the Llantwit Major ByPass from/to Cowbridge Road north of St Athan.

(iii) The granting of a suitable and acceptable planning permission for improvements to the B4265 at the St Athan war-memorial and at Gileston Old Mill plus the A4266 Waycock Cross Roundabout.

(iv) The creation of tender documents, including a sufficiently detailed design, for a design & build contract to provide the works to a standard that is acceptable and adoptable by the local highway authority. Details of the model form of the required terms & conditions of the design & build contract are available from Mr Jeff Perren, whose contact details are described above.


Clearly the tasks that are necessary to achieve such broad objectives are many and varied. Each tenderer is required to provide and price his Activity Schedule and included it in Envelope B. The Activity Schedule must include the following subjects, subdivided & priced as the tenderer deems appropriate.

Perform a Stage 1 Safety audit of the designs produced to-date by Capita. Copies of the designs (including traffic & drainage capacities calculations) are attached.

Complete the designs in sufficient detail and/to produce a planning submission acceptable to the local highway authority, local planning authority and all other relevant authorities, including the Environment Agency.

Any land required is likely to be acquired through a Compulsory Purchase Order. The statutory procedures to be followed shall be concurrent, in which case the Side Roads Orders and Compulsory Purchase Orders shall be prepared as nearly concurrently as possible. The Orders shall be published in draft and subsequently processed simultaneously. The Consultant may be requested to assist the Employer with this work.

Complete the designs in sufficient detail for the letting of a competition, by lump-sum tender, for the detailed design & construction of the highway works, including necessary ancillary works (e.g. drainage), of the prime access, described above, and the further off-site highway-improvements that are required to mitigate the effects of the development , viz. the improvement of highway geometry of the B4265 at the St Athan war-memorial and at Gileston Old Mill, plus capacity improvements at the A4226 Waycock Cross Roundabout.

Following the acceptance of the commission the Consultant shall be required to attend weekly progress meetings with the client, WAG at Cardiff, Treforest or St Athan. The minimum attendance at these meetings shall be key staff appropriate to the stage of the design. The first meeting shall be held within five working days following WAG's issue of the award of the commission. There will be a standard agenda for the meetings prepared by the Employer. The Consultant shall also be required to attend additional meetings as required by/with WAG to discuss any matter relating to the project. The Consultant shall take the minutes of these meetings and distribute them promptly after the meeting.

The Consultant shall assist the Employer with various Public Relations initiatives.

Unless agreed otherwise all contact with the media will be via the Employer.


i) Your tender must describe your understanding of the commission and your abilities, with recent relevant experience in the production of such works as described in the brief below. Ideally you will be able to provide the locations in the UK of constructed examples of similar works that you have designed.

ii) You must identify the resources and skills you would make available to perform the commission, with a breakdown of the time allocated for tasks and who would be involved. The breakdown must include your estimate of your staff’s attendance at a reasonable number of meetings with the Agency, the local authority and other relevant bodies. You must identify and provide CVs for each of the persons who would be involved. You must describe their professional experience and location(s) from where their services would be provided.

iii) You must provide a list of relevant, recently completed contracts.

iv) You must supply confirmation that you hold appropriate indemnity cover and public liability cover, both of at least as defined in the attached ‘Contract Data’.

v) You must confirm your quality procedures, health & safety and environmental policies.

vi) You must provide an activity schedule and programme of those activities, dividing the commission into stages including, as separate stages, all of the tasks described above.

vii) You must confirm that all necessary services to achieve the aims & objectives of the commission, as described above, are included in your activity schedule. Clarify what additional services, if any, you expect others, outside the commission, to provide to achieve all authorisations and permissions for the construction and adoption of the works.

viii) You must provide lump sum prices for each of the activities. The lump sums must be inclusive of all expenses & disbursements and be valid for the next six months plus the programmed period of the commission.

ix) You must provide the calculation of the total of the lump sum prices.

x) You must provide staff rates you would charge for changes to the Scope of the contract, to assist in the calculation of the value of compensation events. The rates must be valid for the next six months plus the programmed period of the commission.


Place the total of your lump sum prices into ‘Envelope A’ and the remaining information, containing no more than ten pages of text, into ‘Envelope B’. Seal both envelopes and place them into ‘Envelope C’. Seal ‘Envelope C’ and return it to the Agency’s Secretary, at the Welsh Development Agency address on it, by 12 noon on Wednesday, 18th December 2002.

N.B. No marks, including mail franking or other delivery system marks, which could identify the sender must be visible on that envelope (C) or anything that contains it.


1. Tenders will be assessed on the basis of both quality and price. The contract will be awarded to the tenderer submitting the most economically advantageous offer assessed on the basis of quality, and price proposals for the entire scheme. The first assessment will be for quality.

2. All tenders that comply with the quality requirements will be financially assessed. An appraisal of the rates and percentages submitted will be undertaken. Any anomalies in the submitted rates or percentages will be drawn to the attention of the financial panel, which may ask the tenderers to explain any such anomalies.

3. The final assessment of the tenders will be based on an aggregated score for quality and price requirements as detailed below. The ratio of quality to price will be 80:20.

4. WAG reserves the right not to award the contract to the tenderer with the highest score if the panel concludes this will put the WAG at undue financial, operational or legal risk.

Table 1 Tender Score Criteria




Very high standard with detailed understanding of the project aims and no reservations about acceptability



High standard but falls just short of A



Good standard and requirements met, but with some reservations



Acceptable with significant reservations but not sufficient to warrant rejection



Fails to meet requirements


Peter Cotton

Senior Engineering Manager

Department for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks/Yr Adran Menter, Arloesi a Rhwydweithiau

Welsh Assembly Goverment/Llywodraeth Cynulliad Cymru

QED Centre/Canolfan QED Treforest Industrial Estate/Ystad Ddiwydiannol Trefforest Pontypridd CF37 5YR 01443 845863 mob 07799 862542 fax 01443 845565 email

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