Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Couldn't have done worse on ebay - John Pugh MP on Qinetiq

HOC Mon 3 Dec 4.30pm, Rm 15 The privatisation of Qinetiq

Bill Jeffrey CB, Permanent Under Secretary, Trevor Woolley, Finance Director, Ministry of Defence, Peter Schofield, Director, The Shareholder Executive and officials from Qinetiq.

Ian Davidson, Labour MP, said Carlyle “took advantage of these poor unfortunates who really should not have been let out alone”.

John Pugh, Liberal Democrat, said: “It’s difficult to think what you could have done worse apart from putting it on Ebay.”

mps berate team in Qinetiq deal
Financial Times - London,England,UK
By Alex Barker, Political Correspondent mps on Monday berated officials involved in the privatisation of Qinetiq, the defence research group, ...

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